Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Wednesday 23rd April 9.30am


This is a meeting between Colin Hall, Richard Bailey & myself: as councillors for Wallington South. Robert Landeryou my predecessor also comes along occasionally. We try to meet regularly to discuss local issues, agree which planning applications to de-delegate and to liaise on casework. This is particularly important as residents often write to all three of us without letting us know that they have done so and this can lead to duplication of work. We check progress on any cases like this and try to allocate just one of us to respond on behalf of us all. I feel sorry for officers who probably get bombarded from a number of sources on the same resident’s query. I have had letters that have gone to all ward councillors, local MP & opposition councillors, and that is after the resident has already contacted the council directly.


Today we were discussing how to increase the pressure to get an Area Action Plan for Wallington. With the Core Planning Strategy requiring 10% housing growth for Wallington we have to ensure that development takes place in appropriate areas without eroding the suburban nature of the area: which is the attraction for people who choose to live here. An Area Action Plan will give us greater power to enforce this. Without it we feel that the constant pressure from the current London Mayor to build more homes will give developers free rein to build anywhere there is land available – and we know that this is not a situation that residents of Wallington want to see. We have been very disappointed at our lack of success at preventing back garden development in the area when decisions to refuse these applications are overturned by Government Inspectors at appeal.


May 14, 2008 - Posted by | Meeting

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