Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Friday 30th May 12 noon


Tom Jeffrey has been Sutton’s Strategic Director of Environment and Leisure for six years and today was his last day before moving on to Croydon Council to take over a similar role. I attended his leaving bash to say goodbye and add my thanks for all his good work in those six years. There were very many people attending this event and he appeared to be very highly thought of by staff and members alike.


Tom had worked for a number of other councils before coming to Sutton and it was nice to hear in his parting speech that he had found Sutton Council to be a very polite place, where members & officers worked together to reach solutions, which was in contrast to some of his previous experiences.


The event proved quite useful for me to catch up with a few people: I had a chat with Graham Willins, Economic Renewal & Regeneration Manager, about what is going on with Wallington Square, and we agreed that we shared a sense of frustration at having so little influence over this area at the heart of Wallington. I was also able to inform Gill Bull, the new Executive Head of Policy and Communications, of the improvements I had experienced following a meeting we had had about the Local Committees communications output.


Finally I had the opportunity to talk to Superintendant Warren Shadbolt about the s136 suite issue (see my entry for Thursday 29th May 10am). He informed me that as there usually had to be three police officers accompanying any transfer to the s136 suite, the extra transfer time to Tadworth would mean that he would have three men out of action for anything up to four hours each time. Obviously this is an inefficient use of his officers.


June 4, 2008 - Posted by | Meeting

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