Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Monday 23rd June 10am

Beddington and Wallington Local Committee Pre-agenda

This meeting took place with Malcolm Barker, the Locality Lead Officer for this Local Committee; Mariette Akkermans, Executive Head of Older and Disabled People’s Services and Steve Farrow, Regeneration Projects Manager. The purpose is to refine the agenda for the meeting to be held on 17th July.


Mariette will be talking about the development of Franklin House on the Roundshaw Estate, which is to become a dementia resource centre. This item arose because Roundshaw residents were interested to know what was happening with the site, and it also provides a great opportunity to talk to residents about the new model of care for older people with dementia, as this is an issue that may affect many of us at one time or another.

Franklin House site 

There will also be an item on the two year management plan for s106 money. S106 money is money that arises from larger developments to enable Local Authorities to improve local facilities necessary as a result of the development. For example where a large residential unit is built, if it contains above a set number of units then the developers will be required to make a contribution to educational resources to allow for the fact that the development may result in more children in the area. Money for environmental improvements may be required where a development involves a loss of green space, or is for an industrial purpose. What is exciting about the new plan is that it allows residents, through their local committees, to determine the priorities for negotiating these s106 agreements and to prepare a project bank to be allocated to appropriate developments when they come up. All this will be explained in more detail at the meeting.


Another interesting discussion will be considering 20mph zones around Wallington town centre as a suggestion that has arison as part of the station access improvement scheme. Officers are very keen to hear residents’ and businesses’ views on this idea.


We cut out a couple of proposed items to go to a later meeting to allow more time for the remaining items, and we decided what information needs to be circulated with the agenda.


Prior to the meeting there will be an informal consultation event on the new waste management service. Officers are keen to gather as much information as possible about how the new system is working so that we can continue to make improvements. This will be from 6.30pm to 7.20pm at Bandon Hill School.


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