Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Tuesday 24th June 1pm

Beddington Park

Meeting to discuss the Beddington Park Consultation

I met with Bill Wyatt, Assistant Parks Manager to consider how we could best consult with residents so that he can prepare an action plan linked to the proposed Beddington Park and the Grange Management Plan. I had been invited as chair of the Local Committee and also because I had expressed an interest in involving residents in the plans as much as possible, something Bill was keen to do. We talked through a draft consultation document and made suggestions on how to improve it. We wanted to find out how residents use the Park currently, and how they would like to use it in the future. We also thought about how to encourage residents to come up with ‘blue sky’ ideas to stimulate discussion and innovation. Bill was keen to have the views of residents living next to the park as their experience may be different to users of the park, but wanted guidance as it is expensive to write to large numbers of residents. I suggested that we might be able to enlarge the area of the consultation of local residents if we worked on a sample basis. We also talked about how we might reach residents who don’t use the park to find out if there are any barriers to them accessing public open space. Bill will be having a similar discussion with local ward councillors and Friends of the Park.


During the meeting Mark Dalzell, Parks Manager, dropped in to alert us to the opportunity for the borough to put in bids for funding for heritage projects. I suggested that with Public Realm projects, s106 funding, and now heritage funding possible, perhaps the local committees should concentrate on continuing to come up with general projects that they would like to see which can then form a bank to be allocated to the most appropriate funding sources as available.


June 30, 2008 - Posted by | Meeting

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