Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Thursday 3rd July 7.30pm

Merton, Sutton & Surrey Joint Health Scrutiny Committee

This committee is an amalgamation of the Better Healthcare Closer to Home (BHCH) Joint Scrutiny Committee and the Epsom & St Helier Financial Recovery Plan Committee.


The committee was to receive an update on the BHCH programme and discuss the Outline Business Case. However some members of the committee had not received copies of the detailed report until shortly before the meeting and it was agreed that in the circumstances they were at a disadvantage to discussing the papers. The committee therefore did not look at the report but arranged for an informal meeting with Bill Gillespie, Chief Executive of Sutton & Merton PCT to discuss the business plan then.


The committee also received information on the progress of the Review of Women and Children Services and the pre-consultation engagement. I ascertained that the Midwife-Led Unit proposed to be established alongside the labour suite at St Helier was going ahead on its own merits and was not considered part of the consultation.


The trust has a dedicated website providing key documents and information on the review: www.epsom-sthelier.nhs.uk/women&children’s/.


Minutes of this meeting will be available on the Sutton website at: http://sutton.moderngov.co.uk/ieListMeetings.asp?CId=383&Year=2008&J=3


July 14, 2008 - Posted by | Committee Meeting

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