Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Olympic Success Story

I am not usually one for watching a lot of sport but the Beijing Olympics have had me transfixed. The success of ‘Team GB’ is all the sweeter for being unexpected.

I have felt very proud of the sportsmanship shown by our athletes win or lose and the example this sets to our young people watching at home.


I was on holiday with my family during the first week of the Games with daily access to a pool so I have witnessed the immediate effect of the Olympics on my own boys. My two oldest have been calculating their qualifying ages for 2012 and started preparations with timed races in the pool and practising their synchronised diving. The best effect however has been on my four year old who has improved his five metre doggy paddle into a 20 metre recognisable front crawl.


Back home I have had to pump up bicycle tyres and find some space for gymnastics practise. And now my youngest has found an official outlet for his Power Ranger moves in the Taekwondo!


If the combined effect of our success in Beijing and the hosting of the next Games in London is to inspire more young people into trying new sports and encouraging our athletes to believe in themselves, not to mention getting some of us more mature specimens to aspire to greater fitness, then I think that we will have already recouped the benefits of our investment.


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