Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Man’s inhumanity to (wo)man

Picture this: fifty grown men throwing rocks at a helpless 13 year old girl until she is dead.


This is a perfectly legitimate punishment sanctioned by law in Somalia, reported recently.


The girl said she was raped by three men. She was stoned on the charge of adultery.


In a country with strict Sharia Law can you imagine a thirteen year old girl with the wherewithal or the opportunity to seduce a man into committing adultery?


It is awful enough to contemplate the suffering of the girl having been sexually abused in this way, but to have that suffering turned into her crime is a gross injustice.


Across the world there are still societies where women are not only considered less important than men, but are subjugated, oppressed and abused at the hands of men.


Here in the western world how far have we really come in accepting that being human is the true levelling factor? Have we eliminated discrimination on the grounds of gender? What about race or sexual orientation?


Where there is inequality there is oppression. Where humans are not afforded equal rights there is injustice.


Just how many steps are there between thinking that a man’s opinion is more important than a woman’s (still common here in the UK), to a society dominated by men; who will stone a woman to death for adultery?


Incidentally I read of a study recently that looked into the most painful ways to die. Death by stoning came out top.


To read the full news story see: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/7708169.stm




November 4, 2008 - Posted by | Opinion


  1. And yet Western governments continue to tranfer millions of dollars to prop up these kind of governments every year. All in the name of “aid”, of course.

    Comment by Julian H | November 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. Shockingly awful..thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    Comment by Jo Christie-Smith | November 5, 2008 | Reply

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