Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Thursday 13th November 10am

Health & Well Being Scrutiny Committee Agenda Planning and Links Meeting.

We held our usual agenda planning meeting first. Having heard about a number of different plans by various health bodies for the Sutton Site I said that I thought it would be useful if we could have an overview of all the different proposals for the site & the potential knock-on effect that progressing any of those proposals would have for the future of the site. I learnt that some proposals are at the planning stage and we needed to be aware that planning is outside the remit of the committee. However as it appeared that there was no single body outside of planning who had an awareness of potentially conflicting designs on the site I thought that our committee is in a good position to provide that overview. It was agreed that the policy officer for the committee would gather what information he could for us to look into this matter further. It is on the agenda for the meeting on 8th January.


The meeting with the Links representatives was essentially for us to meet up, each body to explain their respective roles and to explore how we can best work together. It was intended to look at our current workplans to keep ourselves abreast of what work we were all currently engaged in.


Links is an arrangement that has grown out of and expanded on the previous Parent Patient Involvement Forums (PPIF). Representatives from the PPIF have been members of the Health Scrutiny Committee for many years and in my time on the committee I have found their input into the meetings both insightful and informative. The new Links set up expands their sphere of influence to include social care as well as health and gives members additional powers to call upon the scrutiny committee to look into issues of concern.


Unfortunately the Chair of the Health & Well Being Committee went a bit off agenda and spent a great deal of time explaining the new Better Healthcare Closer to Home Joint Health Scrutiny Committee. I was a bit surprised when he decided to provide us all with his personal opinions on the current state of the Better Healthcare Closer to Home programme. I had thought that the purpose of our partnership with Links and its members representing a broad section of the community was to listen to their views on such issues rather than dictating to them our own jaundiced opinions. I for one am very keen to see what issues and concerns are raised by the Links members in the coming year, and look forward to working with this new body.


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