Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Tuesday 2nd December 7.30pm

Beddington & Wallington Local Committee Meeting

There were two items on the agenda with the aim of informing members and the public on topics raised by residents as of interest and providing them with the opportunity to ask questions. The first looked at the activities of the Highways Service and the procedures it undertakes to meet its objectives. Mark Dalzell Parks and Highways Manager provided a brief overview of his report and highlighted the importance of information supplied by members of the public.


The second topic looked at the issues around Travellers which was pertinent due to the recent incidents in the area of illegal encampments by Travellers. Details of the protocols for dealing with illegal encampments had been circulated with the minutes and Malcolm Barker, who presented the item, also raised the issue of the lack of legal sites for Travellers generally.


Items requiring decision were the Redford Avenue Cycling Scheme which needed committee approval to go to formal consultation with the public following the objections of the Beddington South Ward Councillors. This was agreed.


Next for decision was how to proceed with the proposed Roundshaw skate park/wheels and ramps facility. It was agreed that the current consultation was insufficient to demonstrate strong demand for the park whilst accepting that young people were difficult to engage in formal consultations. The Police also had concerns about the proposed locations for the park.


It was agreed to do more work to establish whether the project was supported by young people in the area and Elevate, a voluntary Christian organisation who put on skating events for young people, were to be employed to do further consultation work. It was also agreed that work should be done to address the Police’s safety concerns about location.


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