Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Monday 19th January 12.30pm


Wandle Valley Gateway Briefing

Cllr. Richard Bailey & I met with Jeff Wilson, Head of Strategic Planning and representatives of the Friends of Beddington & Grange Park to find out more about the Wandle Valley scheme.


As a result of funding from Viridor Waste Management Ltd environmental improvements would be possible to gateways to the Wandle Valley Trail falling within our borough. However a 10% contribution from the council was required and it was being proposed to request this from the affected Local Committees’ public realm budget.


The Friends reps had been invited both to hear more about the scheme and also because the Beddington & Wallington Local Committee had agreed to set aside £50,000 out of the current years’ public realm funds for a project they had put forward. There is insufficient unallocated fund to cover the £13,500 requested to match fund the Wandle Gateways scheme. The Friends’ project had hit some snags and would necessarily be delayed so I wanted to know if the Friends would be willing to release the £50,000 to be used for this project. It would also enable another project being championed by the Friends to restore Elms Pond to be funded.


Having asked a number of questions the Friends reps agreed to the proposal with the provision that the original project remains on the committee’s wish list.


The final decision will be made at the next Local Committee meeting.


February 19, 2009 - Posted by | Meeting

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