Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Tuesday 20th January 7.30pm


Scrutiny Overview Committee

The main business of this meeting was to receive an update on the progress of the Stanley Park High School: One School Pathfinder Programme.


We were advised that agreement of terms for the sale of the Orchard Hill site from the Primary Care Trust to London Borough of Sutton were falling behind schedule, and negotiations with the Plymouth Brethren for purchase of land for a new access road were stalling.


The relocation of patients from the Phase 1 site area had been completed satisfactorily.


Lines of questioning focussed on the potential implications of any failure to meet deadlines impacting on the achievability of the project and availability of funding. The committee had to go into closed session excluding press and public due to the sensitivity of information relating to the ongoing negotiations with various parties.

Liberal Democrat members of the committee were out in force for this meeting: Cllrs. Roger Roberts, Kirsty Jerome, Myfanwy Wallace, Richard Bailey, Paddy Kane and myself were all in attendance, making the Conservative side of the table look a little light with only two members able to make it, and only one of them able to stay awake for the duration of the meeting! Fortunately Cllr. Gordon-Bullock was able to keep the end up for both of them as he complemented our enquiries with some probing questions of his own.


The remainder of the meeting was concerned with agreeing the future workplan of the committee.


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