Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Thursday 26th February 7.30pm

Beddington & Wallington Local Committee

The main topics for decision at this meeting were some proposals for public realm funding, the Redford Avenue Cycling Scheme, the Beddington Lane Regeneration Scheme and the Wallington Station Access Scheme.


Under Public Realm the committee agreed to match fund 5% of monies provided by Viridor Waste Management Ltd to make environmental & access improvements to the River Wandle in the committee’s area, allocating £13,500 to the scheme.

Members also agreed to make public realm funding available to refurbish Elms Pond in Wallington North and ensure the fountain continues to function. This pond had never been intended as a wildlife pond but as a result of people adding fish and plants to the water, as well as litter, the filters were not able to function sufficiently to power the fountain. At the suggestion of a resident we agreed to also explore the possibility of obtaining funding from Viridor through a Friends Group.

On review of the report on progress with other projects agreed for funding the committee expressed dissatisfaction at the time it was taking to get the hanging baskets in place. Reasons for the delay were given but the committee were not entirely convinced. I have since taken this matter up on behalf of the committee and the baskets are due to go up in the week commencing 6th April.


The Redford Avenue Cycle Lane was given the go ahead as only nine objections to the scheme had been received from a total of 194 local residents consulted, and these were on the grounds of cost, for which full explanations were given at the meeting. There were only a small number of residents at this meeting but most of them spoke to express their support for the scheme.


The committee was briefed on the overall plans to regenerate the Beddington Lane area including addressing the drainage problems there. We were advised that the scheme would cost around £10 million in total which would need to be requested from Transport for London (TfL). It was expected that TfL would prefer to fund the project in phases so we were asked to agree the scheme in principle so that officers could apply to TfL for funding for the scheme to be implemented in stages. Consultation with local businesses and residents was ongoing and the final details of each part of the scheme would be subject to consultation and agreement with ward councillors. The scheme met with general approval by members and was agreed in principle.


The Wallington Station Access Scheme was discussed in some detail with officers highlighting the amendments to the plans made following the public consultation and feedback from members and community representatives. The main change was to the station forecourt. Objections had been raised to moving the drop off points away from the station entrance which meant that passengers would need to cross in front of vehicular traffic. The revised plans now placed the drop off points on the same side as the station entrance. The revisions were welcomed by all and the scheme was approved for implementation.


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