Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Thursday 5th March 7.30pm

Health & Well Being Scrutiny Committee

At this committee the main items discussed were GP Provision, Aggression and safeguarding of Staff & Clients, and a briefing on the Sutton & Merton PCT Annual Plan.


Paul Burstow, MP for Sutton & Cheam had been invited to give anecdotal evidence from his postbag about GP Provision in the area. Paul highlighted apparent ‘health wastelands’ in the Worcester Park area, connected with, but not solely around the Hamptons development.


A Doctor Harper who was also familiar with the area had been invited to provide input on the issue and he advised that he too was aware of gaps in GP provision on the Worcester Park borders. He also gave a general impression that GPs did not feel as supported by the PCT as they had been in the past. The PCT role seemed to have changed from a supportive, training model to a policing role.


Simon Latham attended to discuss a report prepared for the committee on aggressive incidents experienced by Adult Social Services & Housing Staff over comparative periods. The committee members were concerned about the high number of instances and enquired about procedures to mitigate these incidences. We were advised of the protocols in place for dealing with reporting aggressive incidents, including training. I enquired whether the training included techniques to prevent minor incidences escalating into more serious situations and was advised that such training was included.


Enquiries were made about the role of the Council in helping to prevent aggression towards staff of commissioned providers and it was agreed to receive this information at a future meeting.


Stephen Evans attended the meeting to give a progress report on the Annual Plan of the Sutton & Merton PCT. There was concern about whether efficiency savings made by the PCT might impact on social services by requiring them to pick up the pieces where services were reduced. Adi Cooper replied on behalf on the Council’s Adult Social Services & Housing Department to reassure us that she attended regular meetings with PCT executives specifically to monitor such impact and there was close working between the two organisations.


It was agreed to look in more detail at joint working on emergency planning at a future meeting.


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