Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Tuesday 10th March 7pm

Wallington South Safer Neighbourhoods Ward Panel Meeting

Under the Councillors’ Update part of this meeting I was pleased to finally confirm that the Your High drug paraphanalia shop on Stafford Road was closed and the lease to the shop owners revoked. I also fed back on the final plans for the Wallington Station Access Scheme and advised that the road works around Woodcote Road were in respect of the synchronisation of the traffic lights. Cllr. Bailey updated on the situation with Mint House and clarified that once the building was no longer needed for the decanted Shotfield practice it was expected to be used for health purposes by the PCT.


Sgt LeShirley updated the Panel on progress against the three priorities set for the last quarter, which covered the Christmas & New Year period. He was please to present figures that showed a reduction in the number of burglaries in the specified area compared to the same period in 2008 and felt that this was as a result of increased undercover & overnight surveillance work by members of his team.


There had been a spate of motor vehicle crime in the ward and it was felt that this should remain a policing priority for the next quarter. Unfortunately an incident where the perpetrator had been caught red handed by the SNT had been unable to be followed through due to the owner of the property in question refusing to make a statement.


The Panel was provided with more detail to the anti-social behaviour calls noted on a map of the area. Many of the calls were trivial incidences not requiring police attendance. There were no incidents of an especially serious nature, most were in respect of rowdy behaviour or street drinking.


Sgt LeShirley advised of the house calls they had been making in Russell Court encouraging residents to form a Residents’ Association. Liaison officers from Moat Housing also attended the meeting and advised that they were looking to encourage the setting up of residents’ associations in Stag Court and their Brambledown Road & Shirley Avenue properties.


The Chair encouraged us to find new members for the Panel, and we were advised that there was a Police Community Event on 18th March 6-8pm at Civic Offices in Sutton to which any members of the public were welcome.


Sgt. LeShirley also advised that the new SNT website was up and running and encouraged us to check it out.


April 28, 2009 - Posted by | Meeting

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