Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Thursday 23rd April 7.30pm

Nick Clegg’s Sutton Town Hall Meeting


Nick Clegg the Liberal Democrat Party Leader has been touring the country making himself available to members of the public through local town hall meetings. Today he came to Sutton and I went along to see how it went. The room was packed, some people I recognised as Liberal Democrat supporters but there were many I didn’t.

 Nick opened with his rationale for the meeting: that politicians are too distant from the people that elect them and he wanted to make himself more accessible to the electorate. He then took questions from anyone who had turned up. The subjects ranged from questions about Liberal Democrat policy on Europe & the voting system, to requests for help from a representative of the Tamil community. The mother of the man who was attacked in Greece also spoke up to make a request for help improving support for overseas victims, and she thanked local MP Tom Brake who was in the audience, for his assistance with their case.

 Nick answered the questions openly and honestly and stated that he fully expected some people there to not like what he said. He spoke about how the Liberal Democrats were coming to the fore with distinct ideas which set them apart from Labour and the Conservatives. When asked about being overshadowed by Vince Cable he said that he was not a Prima Donna needing to be the centre of attention all the time and as Finance Spokesperson it was right and proper that Vince should take the lead on matters relating to the recession.

The meeting was congenial and a lot of questions were able to be asked. I thought that the best question of the night was the last, asked by a young man, “How can politics be made more relevant to younger people?” Nick had no easy answer to that one, just that it was an issue all parties are grappling with.

  For more information on Liberal Democrat policies see the Lib Dem website.

 Incidentally this meeting was covered by a journalist from Total Politics magazine and appears in the latest edition.


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