Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Tuesday 15th September 11.30am

Carers Partnership Board

The main topics for discussion at this meeting were a review of Carers Funding; the Carers Strategy and the impact of the recession on vulnerable adults and their carers.

Carers Funding

Members of the Board including myself had formed a working group to review the current spending in more detail than a board meeting allowed. My notes of the working group had been circulated and were discussed. It was highlighted that the existing funding was not a ringfenced allocation, and that the amount spent on carers was generous when compared to other local authorities. It was understood that any spending had to meet the criteria of providing good value for carers and met their expressed needs. The practical difficulties of needing to commission a broader range of services under the move towards personal budgets was discussed.

Carers Strategy

The Sutton Carers Strategy was due to be refreshed. Julie Wilson explained how the original strategy had come into being. Penny Thomas suggested she highlights the need for a joint strategic needs assessment on carers at the next Public Health Strategy Group meeting. It was agreed that a draft revised strategy be prepared for discussion at the November meeting.

Impact of the recession on carers

A request had been made by the Sutton Adults Partnership Board for us to provide information about the impact of the recession on vulnerable adults and their carers. Data on increase in people getting jobseekers allowance was provided for discussion. Further evidence was requested of any increase in carers referrals. Any additional evidence was to be passed to Rachael MacLeod


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