Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Wintry Wallington


With the children back at school I was able to go for a walkabout around Wallington to check on the effects of the seasonal weather locally. 






The main roads: Stafford Road, Woodcote Road, Stanley Park Road, Boundary Road and Foresters Drive are all clear of snow and ice, and traffic is flowing smoothly. There does appear to be less traffic on the roads than usual.

Few side roads have been gritted and conditions are treacherous with compacted snow and ice.

NB The traffic lights at the entrance to the Sainsbury’s car park are now working again.


Wallington High Street from the junction with Stafford Road down to the junction with Ross Parade has been well gritted and is safe for pedestrians. Wallington Square has a layer of compacted snow but the edges are clearer so safe walkways can be found through the square.

Stafford Road has not been gritted and has compacted snow and ice that make it slippery, especially on the rise up to St Elphege’s Church. A few businesses have cleared their frontages along Stafford Road and the pavement around Sainsbury’s has been well gritted. I will request that this street be listed as a priority for gritting as it is many residents’ main route to the shopping centre and schools.

The roads leading to Wallington Station from the South have been gritted and are reasonably clear but the approach from the North has not and caution should be taken on the paths. The station forecourt itself is clear of snow. Also watch out for a patch of ice at the corner in front of the Witherspoons pub. The manager is aware of the problem but has run out of salt.

Access to the Shotfield Health Centre currently located in Mint House is recommended from Woodcote Road via the Old Town Hall or from Shotfield past the old building. Do not use Mint House car park as it is icy. The ramp is clear. I spoke to council contractors clearing the routes to the health centre in Shotfield. They were having to clear the pavements using shovels as there was no salt available. This is obviously much slower work.

Wallington Library is accessible but paths to it do have a covering of snow. The library gardens are closed due to ice. Wallington Car Park is still covered in compacted snow so take extra care if driving or walking here.

The pavement along Boundary Road has not been gritted and is covered in compacted snow.

Pavements in front of Stanley Park High school and Bandon Hill Primary are gritted and mostly clear.

Most residential roads have not had their pavements gritted and are deep in snow. However the deeper snow is often better to walk on as it has a bit of grip rather than where the snow that has been compacted into ice.

The above ground car park for Sainsbury’s was empty and I assume closed as the ramp and the car park can be icy.


A look on the council website shows that there are only two grit boxes currently in Wallington, one in Wordsworth Road near the junction with Lavender Vale, and one in Ruskin Road near the junction with Park Lane. Residents are welcome to use the grit from these bins to clear areas around their properties. The grit bin in Lavender Vale is still three quarters full. I consulted with our gritting team manager who advised that if grit is laid on top on snow or ice it will need to be trampled in before it starts to work. If the snow is largely cleared first and the grit is laid on the pavement then the grit will work immediately preventing a build up of ice.

I was informed that additional grit boxes are already on order and I have requested one for Brambledown Road which I have seen cars skidding down because of the hill in icy weather, and a replacement bin for Longacre Place at the corner with Beddington Gardens as this corner at the bottom of an incline is prone to ice and is used by staff and pupils of Stanley Park School as well as residents.



Bandon Hill Primary school is open but closing early at 3pm

Carew manor

High View open today & Friday

St Elphege’s infants & juniors

Stanley Park infants closing at 1pm

Wallington High School for Girls open

Wilsons open but finishes at 3.05pm

Wallington County Grammar open until 1.45pm, expects to be open Friday.


Stanley Park junior

St Philomenas


Stanley Park High School

 Check the LBS website for closures on Friday.


All the town centre shops and banks were open including the supermarkets. The Post Office is open as usual. The library is also open.


There were no reported staffing shortages and the centre is running as normal. Note my comments about accessing Mint House above.



151 as normal

157 as normal

154 as normal

455 as normal

463 as normal

410 severe delays due to electrical work on route

S4 as normal

127 as normal

 Trains through Wallington

Southern Services between London Bridge and Wallington are currently experiencing problems.

 South West Trains operating between Waterloo and Wallington are experiencing delays, alterations and cancellations. The service is expected to finish earlier than normal today.


January 7, 2010 - Posted by | Information


  1. I think Sutton Council believes Hackbridge must be part of Merton because we don’t have ONE Grit Bin! My nearest Grit Bin is 1.8 miles away! I have emailled Tom Brake and the Council to request one but no joy – why would I have!? I honetly can’t believe Sutton Council think its appropriate for people in Hackbridge to make a 3.6 mile round trip to get the Salt WE helped pay for! NOT impressed one little bit!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Scott Wright | January 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. We have no Grit Boxes in Hackbridge at all so Wallington should count itself very lucky indeed! Sutton Council obviously thinks Hackbridge is part of Merton as we have been totally forgotten. Sutton Council expects me to travel 1.8miles (a 3.6 mile round trip!) to collect the Grit WE helped pay for – how fair is that! Our pavements are dangerous, uncleared and untreated – not to mention every road other than the main through road so as not to hamper those driving through obviously. So does anyone think we’ll see any Grit in Hackbridge – before someone dies at least?

    Hopefully ‘our democracy’ will keep this comment up at least until the problem is resolved with one Grit Bin!

    Comment by Scott Wright | January 8, 2010 | Reply

    • I recommend you get on to your ward councillors to make the case for some grit boxes in Hackbridge, if they haven’t done so already. I know more are on order but I don’t have the details of where they have been allocated.

      Comment by jaynemccoy | January 8, 2010 | Reply

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