Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Wednesday 24th February

Development Control Committee

The applications for consideration at this committee were Beddington Farmlands Landfill Site, Royal Marsden Hospital, Land rear of 96-98 Worcester Road, 27 The Market, Wrythe Lane, a tree preservation order confirmation for 15 Cornwall Road and a parks maintenance area in Beddington Park.

Beddington Farmlands Landfill Site: this was a retrospective application to extend the times permitted for the reception of waste into the reception building. The operating company Viridor had been receiving waste outside the permitted hours since July this year and were only now seeking permission. Objections had been raised about potential noise and disturbance. Members, including myself, asked questions to determine the expected number of additional vehicle movements and how far away the reception was from residential properties. The case for objection was weakened by the fact that there had been no complaints since July about the extended activities, however the point was made that companies should not flout planning regulations and must apply for permission in advance of operations, not retrospectively.

A resident came to object to the application despite not living in the area in question. He was concerned about the levels of pollution along Beddington Lane and the effects of that on the health of residents. He admitted that the pollution could not be traced specifically to this particular site, but was concerned about the overall levels in this area. Having had the issue raised it was necessary to investigate it so it was decided to defer the decision in order to obtain the opinion of the Environmental Agency.

The Royal Marsden application was the resubmission of the application to build a translational research centre on the Downs Road site with amended plans to reprovide the displaced parking spaces within the site, rather than increasing the pressure on the surrounding residential roads. I had been at the committee when the original application had been considered and I was pleased that the applicants had taken on board our comments about the parking and it seemed that they had tried very hard to accommodate our request to reprovide parking on site. The application was therefore granted.

 Land rear of 96-98 Worcester Road: this was an application to site two semi-detached houses on a garden land plot. A previous application had been refused and was at appeal. The main objections were about the design of the building and how in keeping it would be with the rest of the road. I expressed my concerns about the driveways and how they were designed around the three street trees in front of the plot. It seemed to me that it would be quite difficult to access one of the houses by car because of the location of the trees. However this was deemed insufficient grounds to reject the application. A representative speaking on behalf of the neighbouring properties spoke very reasonably indicating that the objection was not to the building of a house here, just to the design details. It was pointed out that design details could be dealt with by a condition and were not grounds for refusing an application. The application satisfied other considerations around plot size, amenity space and local character, so there were little grounds to refuse. As the neighbours were not opposed to the idea of building on this plot I voted for the application and it was passed by a majority.

 27 The Market, Wrythe Lane: this application was for Café Nili, a Rosehill coffee shop to make adjustments to its premises and receive permission to enable it to serve an extended menu including hot food. Objections had been received on the basis of the already high volume of hot food purveyors, and the potential for increased noise and littering. It was established that the café had been in operation for three years providing cold food and that coffee shops do not tend to be a regular cause of littering or noise nuisance in the same way as other hot food takeaways. The extension of its operation to enable it to provide hot food such as paninis and pasta was not expected to have a significant impact on the locality. I had visited The Market in Rosehill and had thought that it was a welcome addition to the range of shops here, and likely to be much less of a nuisance than the usual hot food takeaways.  The application was granted unanimously.

 The tree preservation order at 15 Cornwall Road, Belmont was confirmed by the committee without discussion.

There was no objection to the application by the Park Dept. for the installation of cycle storage containers in Beddington Park and this was granted.


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