Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Tuesday 15th June 2010

12.30pm Stanley Park Project Board Meeting

I attended this project board meeting at the contractor’s site office at Orchard Hill. The board received an update from the Council’s Executive Head of Construction & Property reconfirming that planning permission for the school had been received and that work had commenced. We were appraised of the risks still posed around negotiations over the access road and resulting increase in costs as a result.

We were pleased to learn that Green Wrythe Primary School was willing to offer facilities for ASD provision in September 2011, necessary due to the delay to work starting on this project.

Discussion then took place with the Council & Contractor’s communications reps about how students and local residents should be kept informed of progress and work. The contractors had already established good practices informing local residents of particularly noisy or dusty periods of work and would continue to produce notices containing relevant information. Site visits had already been arranged with Stanley Park students who had reported back to their peers. The council would be responsible for keeping the public generally informed of progress.

6pm Wallington Integrated Transport Package Steering Group

The steering group was presented with the proposed plans for the centre of Wallington in line with the principle of improving pedestrian, cycle & public transport access. The plans had been prepared based on the suggestions and concerns fed back  through the earlier consultation with Wallington residents, businesses and visitors. The plans were felt to be bold and potentially controversial, however they were well received by the steering group members as it was felt that they were the natural solution to many of the issues that had been raised during the consultation. We were also aware of residents’ willingness to consider new and bold solutions after our experience at the earlier Beddington & Wallington Local Committee when the Safer Streets principles were received with surprising enthusiasm from attendees.

It was agreed that these plans could go out to formal consultation with residents and the nature and format of the consultation was discussed. The main display of the proposals was to take place in Wallington Library with as much publicity as possible. Key stakeholders such as resident associations and local businesses would be especially targeted with invitations to participate in the consultation.

7pm Beddington & Wallington Local Committee

Members were presented with a report on the council’s Biodiversity Action Plan detailing achievements in the previous five years and target areas for the future. The plan provides a focus for community engagement through the Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers and a number of other separate interest groups. It was hoped that more members of the community would become interested and involved in future projects.

The proposed No Entry Plug for Link Lane in Wallington proved a controversial topic with a number of interested local residents attending the meeting specifically for this item. Link Lane is currently one way and the aim of the proposal was to allow two way pedal cycling along this stretch of road. This type of scheme had already been put in place along a nearby one way stretch of road, and had approval by cycling organisations and Transport for London. It appeared to me from the comments made by residents that it wasn’t the aim of the scheme that was of concern but its means of implementation. It was felt that the no-entry plug would present problems at the junction, and the proposal to revert part of the road back to two way vehicular traffic was not well received. After some discussion I asked whether there might be opportunity for residents and ward councillors to get together with transport officers to see if there was a way of amending the proposals to meet the aims of two way cycling that would be more acceptable to local residents, rather than throwing the scheme out altogether, considering its potential benefits. It was eventually agreed to pursue this suggestion.

Malcolm Barker, the Lean Locality Officer provided an update on public realm projects and the committee agreed that the underspend for 2008-10 could be allocated to improving the paths in Beddington Park. It was also agreed to increase the funding for the flint wall in Beddington Park to attract match funding from Viridor and English Heritage, and to provide £5,000 for signposts detailing the history of Croydon Airport at Roundshaw as recommended by the Croydon Airport Society representatives.

Local committees had this year been allocated an amount of funding that could be used for transport schemes and it was agreed that the full amount be put towards a bid to Transport for London to address the issues at Butter Hill which had been raised at this committee on previous occasions.


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