Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Tuesday 29th June 7.30pm

Planning Advisory Group

First the group considered the results of the consultation on additional sites for the Draft Joint Waste Site Plan. All of the additional sites suggested in Sutton had received objections, in particular from the GLA & Environment agency. Whilst the PAG endorsed the objections Cllr. Whitham highlighted that waste had to go somewhere and it was unrealistic to expect Sutton to be exempt from needing to address this issue.

Next members were asked to decide on the approach to the Sutton Town Centre Area Action Plan. With proposed government spending cuts it would not be possible to continue with the planned programme for the Local Development Framework. It was being suggested that the Sutton Town Centre Area Action Plan be put on hold for the time being. Although it was agreed that this work was important it still had a way to go before it could be implemented and the amount of interest in key areas of the town centre meant that a speedier response was required. It was therefore suggested that Development Plan Documents be prepared for the key areas of interest as they were quicker to prepare and get approval but would still ensure that future development fitted into the overall vision for the area. Members agreed that this should be the way to proceed.

One planning brief relevant to this issue had already been prepared in respect of Lodge Place in Sutton town centre. Members approved it to go out for consultation.

The group next noted the consultation responses to the final stages of the Site Development Policies DPD submission and agreed it could be taken forward for examination by the Planning Inspectorate.

The group received a briefing on the governments planning policy changes in respect of backgarden land. The new guidance meant that garden land was no longer categorised as brownfield suitable for development. Members were asked to consider whether Sutton’s existing planning guidance needed to be amended to reflect the new rules. Members felt that if possible advantage should be taken of the new guidance to strengthen policy on this area, whilst still allowing flexibility for appropriate use. Officers agreed to review the existing policy to see what amendments would be necessary to reflect members’ views and report back to a future meeting.


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  1. 30th Sept 2010

    I am currently residing at 162 Durand Close and my property is included in the regeneration programme being undertaken by Lavender Housing /association.

    I have been told that currently in Harcourt Road SM6 there are 16 3/4 bedroom properties being built at present, I have also heard that there is some resentment toward the new homes from local residents in and around harcourt, I was considering this as a property to look at moving to could you throw any light on the situation as I feel slightly reluctant to move into an area where I wont be welcome.

    Is this the sort of thing your constituency could find out for me ???
    Many thanks

    Comment by Michelle Bluett | October 1, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Michelle
      There has been some protest at the development in Harcourt Avenue, with the sad result that people like yourself are worried about being made to feel unwelcome. I hope that the current residents won’t take it out on their new neighbours. I suspect that once uncertainty is replaced by real people and friendly faces many of the residents’ fears will dissipate. I have asked a colleague in your ward to contact you to provide some insight.

      Comment by jaynemccoy | October 4, 2010 | Reply

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