Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Tuesday 1st March 2011 10am

The Executive

A key decision at this meeting was the agreement to extend the Oakleigh Care Centre consultation in light of the re-interpretation of the Care Quality Commission Guidence, to explore the feasibility of transferring Oakleigh to another care provider.

The Executive was updated on the progress of the Transforming Lives programme and the revision to current methods of service provision that were the result of this. It was agreed to offer personal budgets to service users in three sheltered housing schemes currently receiving block booked provision through START (the Short Term Assessment and Reablement Team).

The history to the subsidy paid by Sutton Council towards NHS intermediate care at Ludlow Lodge was explained to the meeting. It was felt that the current situation was inequitable and used funds which could be better used to deliver services commissioned through personal budgets. It was understood that although the demand for respite beds at Ludlow Lodge had decreased, that provision was valued by carers and service users. Staff were working closely to support residents wishing to use personal budgets to access respite care to meet their specific needs.

I presented papers for Executive approval on a revised management agreement with Sutton Housing Partnership, the ALMO responsible for managing the Council’s housing stock; and the Submission Draft of the Site Development Policies DPD.

The Executive also agreed the draft response to the Mayor’s proposals on the borough’s contribution to the Crossrail project through the Community Infrastructure Levy. It was felt that the size of the levy was inequitable and had the potential to stall development within Sutton. I highlighted that the levy ran contrary to the principles of Localism and reiterated the concerns about the disincentive it might have on future development and hindering the ability to secure funding for infrastructure within the borough.


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