Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Tuesday 15th March 2011

10am Gas Holder Site Meeting

Strategic planning officers, Chas Bailey chair of the Sutton Town Centre Partnership, Sean Brennan leader of the Council, & myself met with the property manager representing Scotia Gas at the gas holder site in Crown Road. Sally Blomfield, one of our principal planners, had organized this meeting to enable us to discuss with the energy company the logistics of decommissioning the gas holder site. The site was in a strategic area ripe for potential development but the existence of the gas holders limited the development potential for neighbouring sites.

We gained a good understanding of the issues relevant to decommissioning and were able to offer incentives to decommission and develop the site in light of our progress with our Sutton planning framework which identified the sites owned by the energy companies as key development locations. We were also able to offer to prepare a development plan document for all the co-located sites setting out their development potential.

For us the opportunity was to turn a prominent gateway into Sutton from something of an eyesore into a welcoming landmark.


7pm Beddington & Wallington Local Committee

I am continually buoyed by the faithful attendance of our committee’s community representatives at these meetings. Not only do they make useful and thoughtful contributions to proceedings but they stick with the meetings mostly through to the bitter end – and this one had a full agenda that went on a bit longer than usual. Not to mention our residents many of whom have become regular attendees and take a full and active part in discussions.

We had an interesting and informative joint presentation from Inspector Colin Baker and Ian Kershaw from the Safer Sutton Partnership highlighting the results of a Community Safety Consultation.

Paul Middleton from our Communications Team asked for feedback on Take Part Take Pride to see whether it was something residents wanted us to continue with. It was amazing to hear the positive stories residents had to tell about previous events and activities and the programme got a very positive steer.

Faran Forghani the council’s Traffic and Highway Works Manager provided an update on the Traffic Modelling Report for Butter Hill and the ongoing involvement with residents.

Councillor Pat Ali presented the case for considering the parking issues faced by residents in Brookmead Road, Beddington. A resident spoke to describe to the committee the daily problems faced by residents in the road which was opposite the Tram station. The committee asked Highways officers to look into providing double yellow lines in the road.

Mark Dalzell, Head of Parks and Highways presented a report on Parks Buildings and asked for feedback from residents about ways in which the council might reduce the costs of maintaining these buildings.

We also had updates on public realm projects and the draft s106 Investment programme.


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