Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Thursday 24th March 2011 6.30pm

Housing Advisory Group

The meeting started with a demonstration of the Enhanced Housing Options Module which is software that can be accessed via the internet and allows anyone to explore their housing options within Sutton and obtain a personal action plan. By offering this means of access to people looking for housing solutions who might otherwise have sought direct assistance from the Housing Centre frees up staff to deal with the more complex and urgent cases. The system is backed up with all sorts of links to further information and advice including job vacancies and appears straightforward to navigate. Following questions it was agreed that it would be useful to offer councillors some training on how the system works so that they can assist & advise residents who come to them with housing issues.

It had been noted at a previous meeting that residents from BME groups were disproportionately represented on the homelessness register so a paper was presented detailing the work that was being done to address this issue. We learnt that there was a tendency for BME households to wait until crisis point before seeking help with housing issues so more preventative work was required, but getting access to BME communities was proving problematic. It was agreed to seek help from partners to address the issues using a multi-agency approach and to report back quarterly to the HAG on progress and trends.

The Sutton Housing Partnership Delivery Plan was presented and discussed. Members were advised of the work being implemented to improve the customer service. The group was also updated on the proposals to monitor performance against the Local Offer now agreed with tenants.


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