Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Sutton one of London’s safest boroughs for drivers

A report quoted by the London Evening Standard identifies Sutton as one of the safest London boroughs for drivers. By identifying the number of traffic accidents in relation to the number of licensed vehicles on the road the study by insurers Staveley Head has produced a map of accident blackspots across the UK. At 4.0 accidents per 1,000 vehicles Sutton has among the lowest number of accidents in London and is also below the UK average of 4.7.

I would admit to a degree of scepticism here based on my own experience of travelling around Sutton. The number of drivers racing through red lights at the pedestrian crossing on the way to my children’s school does not fill me with confidence for any child’s safety crossing the road here, nor am I particularly impressed with some of the regular breaches of the highway code I encounter on some of my journeys into Sutton. However the report shows relative accidents between boroughs so think how much worse it must be living and driving in Holborn – highlighted as an accident blackspot for London. Especially when you consider that in Sutton we do not have the luxury of opting to travel by tube or tram.


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