Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Inspection of Balaam House works

On Monday I joined with housing officers and Sutton Central ward councillors to look at the progress of Decent Homes works to Balaam House. 

The building is undergoing window replacements, external cladding, balcony enclosure and improvements to internal communal areas. The work has been going on since January and the scaffolding is gradually coming down, revealing the new cladding.

Feedback from the contractors, Mulalley, was that the immediate benefits in terms of increased insulation have meant that the residents of the building have been very tolerant of the necessary disruption. This should translate immediately into reduced fuel bills in a very timely fashion with Winter just around the corner.

In order to view the first of the secured cladding it was necessary to travel to the top of this tall building and negotiate a couple of narrow ladders. It was a bit scary and exposed but worth it to see the cladding which had been selected by the residents. Once it has been completed not only will the living conditions be significantly improved for the occupants, but the visual appearance of the tower will be much nicer.



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