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Wallington McDonald’s drive-through application submitted


A planning application has been submitted for a McDonald’s two storey restaurant and drive-through on the site of the old garage, and more recently car wash, on Stafford Road in Wallington.

The site backs onto gardens of residential properties in Blenheim Gardens, Charlotte Road and Hinton Road, with the entrance and exit to the site located on Stafford Road

Two other applications have been submitted alongside this for signage and the famous golden arches.

It is very important that you let us as your ward councillors know your views on this significant development, whether you are a Wallington resident or local business, so that we can consider the potential impact it will have on the area.

I would also strongly recommend that you submit your comments on the application, for or against, to our development control department. When considering an application of this size your views can help determine the progress and delivery of the proposals.

The full plans can be viewed on the Planning section of the council website and are listed under reference D2013/67396. Your comments can be submitted online through the council’s Online Planning Register, emailed to developmentcontrol@sutton.gov.uk, or posted to Development Services, Environment & Leisure, 24 Denmark Road Carshalton SM5 2JG. Do be sure to include the reference.

Update 24th May 2013

We have already been contacted by a large number of residents who are concerned about the impact of this application on them and the area. As a result Councillor Hall has dedelegated the application to be considered by a panel of councillors at a Development Control Committee on the following grounds:

• Impact of the building due to its bulk, location, purpose and hours of operation on neighbouring properties in what is primarily a residential area;

• Likely detrimental impact of customer and delivery vehicle movements on the highway – Stafford Road – which is already heavily congested at peak travel times each day;

• Increase in litter and anti social behaviour associated with the nature of the business and hours of operation;

• the number of takeaways and restaurants in the area which make the need for this additional one doubtful.

It remains important that you write in to the planning department with your views so that members of the Development Control Committee understand your concerns.


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  1. The Stafford Road is already a bottle neck for traffice flow to Sutton and Croydon. Small fast food businesses will suffer in the area and we will have more empty shops. We do not want to encourage unhealthy eating and a fast food culture within our community.

    Comment by Jane Fall | May 23, 2013 | Reply

  2. I have written to Tom Brake about this an I feel very strongly about the ‘restaurant’ being an issue. Not only will it put other places under financial strain but also the local environment and with more than 6 schools local this will onyl give children access to cheap, nasty and unhealthy food.

    Please stop this now.

    The smell they generate, rubbish, traffic and more will do nothing good for the town.

    Comment by Liam | May 23, 2013 | Reply

    • MacDonalds food is indeed cheap but it certainly isnt nasty and it definitely isnt unhealthy. Check out the menus. Kids love it and why shouldnt they ?

      Comment by Steve Lewis | June 10, 2013 | Reply

  3. I agree with the above comments, and would add:

    1) The site adjoins residential properties on three sides.

    2) Hours of opening were not mentioned on the application but my understanding is that it will be early morning to 1am. The possibility of several car occupants in their cars with stereos playing and windows open until the early hours is very antisocial, there is possibility of putting more burden on local police, not to mention the disturbance to local residents.

    3) Stafford Road is very congested with traffic at a standstill in the proposed entrance/exit area at some times of day. The siting here of a drive in will cause further congestion as vehicles coming from the Sutton direction will hold up traffic whilst endeavouring to enter the site.

    4) Blenheim Gardens is already a “car park” for local businesses and offices and during the working week parking for residents and visitors is extremely difficult.

    5) This application does not mention staff parking for the large number of permanent and part time staff. Will it be on site? or on local residential roads. Stafford road is not a possibility! The siting of a Macdonalds here can only make matters worse,

    6) Will the site be secure outside opening hours or will motor vehicles have free access to the rear of residential properties bordering the site? Burglary is a increasing problem in Wallington (Met. Police Safe Neighbourhood)

    7) Litter will be an issue, as well as the smell generated from such food industries (imagine sitting in your garden enjoying the summer sunshine only to have the smell of industrial frying fat and burgers wafting into your space, all day and evening and late into the night).

    8) There are already a large number of takeaways, chippies and restaurants in the area. At least most of these are small businesses.

    9) Surely whatever Macdonalds can offer to enhance the area and the lives of the local residents is far outweighed by the harm it will do to both the area and the quality of life for the local residents.

    Comment by Mia Andrews | May 28, 2013 | Reply

    • Couldn’t agree more with the above comments – Mia Andrews has got it spot on. let’s hope the council listens to the local residents.

      Comment by Alan Fitter | May 30, 2013 | Reply

    • 1) The site has always adjoined residential properties on three sides. It was formerly a late- or all-night filling station and then a noisy car wash.

      2) The Purley Way branch of MacDonalds closes at midnight. Hours of opening are not yet known for the proposed Wallington branch. Other MacDonalds sites in the immediate area are not surrounded late at night by stereo playing car occupants, why should that happen here ?

      3) Stafford Road congestion or otherwise will be considered by the planning authorities as a matter of course.

      4) Blenheim Gardens and all the roads leading from Stafford right down to Sandy Lane South are used as car parks for local businesses already. The reason for this is the appaling amount of no parking areas. MacDonalds will provide its own car park.

      5) Many MacDonalds staff are young and do not drive cars. Obviously those who do will park on site.

      6) Obviously MacDonalds management will ensure the security of their property by closing the parking area out of hours.

      7) MacDonad use dedicated staff to clear any litter. It is a fast food outlet. Fast in, fast out with only a small dining area. Customers usually take their food and go. Why would they want to park outside your house to eat it ? Is the smell of food preparation worse than that of diesel or petrol, or even car cleaning chemicals ? Those business were allowed to trade unopposed.

      8) and 9) There are food outlets offering a wide range of cuisine in Stafford Road. Macdonalds would only compete with the fast chicken frying shops, which already compete ridiculously with each other but have never attracted the interests of a pressure group until now.

      Your comments seem to be based solely in self interest and I would guess you live very close to the proposed site. Stafford Road needs more footfall for the benefit of the businesses both new and old. MacDonalds will enhance the area and prove a great asset. “Nimbyism” is not a valid reason to oppose the application.

      Comment by Steve Lewis | June 10, 2013 | Reply

      • And you sir clearly have never been to Mcdonalds. Mcdonalds operate certain things on an almost industrial scale.

        Very selfish point of view from you, I hope they make something you will oppose, like a flower shop, opposite your house so that you can moan about all the nice upmarket businesses.

        Comment by Liam | June 17, 2013

      • Actually Liam, I’ve been to plenty, havent you ? I think they could be accurately described as family restaurants. Would you deny McDonalds is a highly successful chain ? Surely it didnt achieve that success by being a blight on any community. Successful towns attract successful businesses. Successful businesses attract more investment.
        You seem to have taken issue about the quality of the food. Did you ever take issue with any of the 30 – yes count them, 30 – other food outlets from the station to Sainsburys and from Sainsbury’s to Sandy Lane South ? Do you honestly believe all of those have higher standards than McDonalds ?
        The proposed restaurant will provide 65 jobs, will remove the ugly boarded up site and will increase footfall in general for the other businesses, not least for those in the proposed redevelopement of Wallington Square – or do you oppose that too ?
        I suggest you look carefully at the planning application and note all the studies and statements therein. For a start you could put your mind at rest on the opening hours. 12 midnight is the proposed closing time, not the early hours of the morning.
        And if you are so concerned about this being near your house then perhaps choosing to live adjacent to a secondary high street was a mistake. The site was always commercial and I suppose any comercial enterprise located there would be unacceptable to you.

        Comment by steve lewis | June 17, 2013

  4. This application should be rejected even without resorting to the expense of a debate. It is clearly the wrong location for such a development and will have a disastrous effect on residents and local traffic alike.

    Comment by David Banfield | June 2, 2013 | Reply

  5. […] up to the date of the Development Control Committee, for which a date has yet to be set. See my previous post for details of how to do […]

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  6. There are Mc Donalds everywhere – but clearly there is a lack of new residential properties. Why not build what is needed rather than what blind commercial interests dictate. And surely there are enough fast food outlets in the area (do we really need more to gorge on) – on the other hand I reckon once Mc Donalds are there, the smaller outlets will find it hard to compete and so we will see an increase in Shop To Let boards along Stafford Road.

    There will for sure be an increase in litter, so if Mc Donalds do get permission – I suggest they have to pay for street cleaning.

    Comment by Kevin | June 17, 2013 | Reply

  7. The hoardings are down This Morning Tue 18th June between the site and the Windmill Pub next door, this MAY be because of the building work at the Pub but the fact that the signage place on the fron of the hoardings by the outgoing Car Wash directing people to their new address suggests that prep may be starting. McDonalds almost never lose these Planning Applications and with their PR employees all over local campaigns it’s hardly surprising.

    Comment by Mac Baker | June 18, 2013 | Reply

  8. They’ve started the demolition of the buildings at the back of the site but that doesn’t affect the planning application objections – they would have to start that at sometime. But they don’t always win and this is one that can be fought!

    Comment by Alan Fitter | June 18, 2013 | Reply

  9. ‘The proposed restaurant will provide 65 jobs…’
    However, the fact is most of those jobs are likely to go to relatively low-paid workers from Eastern Europe or elsewhere seeking work and better better opportunities in the UK (and who can blame them), but when you factor that in, the net gain of jobs created (from the perspective of the indigenous population) is effectively close to zero – the ‘job creation’ argument is therefore a ‘red herring’ (and the deluded thinking of many politicians!). And before some idiot comes on here accusing me of being racist or some such, I’m not – I’m simply expressing a simple fact of what is most likely. What I would like to see, are those jobs going only to the local job centre and only made available to people that are born here (regardless of race or where their parents are born) with perhaps a small percentage going to the over-50’s (oh but I forgot – everything is down to ‘market forces’ and so down the line the s**t will always hit the fan!) .

    Comment by Kevin | June 18, 2013 | Reply

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