Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Wet in Wallington

I was out and about delivering in Wallington yesterday and managed to get drenched in a downpour. However it proved a useful exercise in checking for blocked drains and gullies.

I identified some flooding in Wallington Square and have arranged for the drains here to be cleaned, and I had reported to me blocked drains in Avenue Road and Hall Road, which I have also asked to be investigated.

A good chunk of the money that was spent on Wallington town centre was for five large soakaways. These are a less evident part of the improvements but it is very pleasing to note that they are doing their job well and we have not had a recurrence of the major flooding under the railway bridge since they were installed.

ross paradeI also came across the signpost for Mulberry Mews pointing in the wrong direction, and flytipping in the alleyway in Ross Parade, both of which I have asked to be addressed by the council. The flytipping of rubbish in the Ross Parade alleyway is a continuing and pernicious problem and is causing great concern to the residents who use this public walkway to access their properties. Various measures have been undertaken but it is proving difficult to identify who is responsible. If anyone does have any information please do contact the council. This is unhygienic, unsightly and unfair to others who do dispose of their rubbish responsibly



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  1. With regard to the TFL grant of £ 100,000.00 for improvements to Stafford Road, it seems that in reality little has been done. Admittedly the increased parking duration is useful, or will be when implemented, but as to the number of extra spaces, there are hardly any. Certainly far fewer than those proposed. Other expected improvements also fell by the wayside and apart from entry treatments to minor road junctions (of very dubious merit and actually quite perplexing to residents) and a minor layout alteration near to Sainsburys there is not much to be seen.

    Mohamad Kabash, Senior Engineer, Highways, Transport & Smarter Travel, London Borough of Sutton replied to my enquiry in which I asked what would become of the balance funds clearly unused from the grant. His reply was “The balance of the grant from TFL either be diverted to TFL projects in the borough that require additional funding or return back to TFL.”

    I view this as a valuable opportunity missed, and before blithely tossing the unused money back in the pot perhaps a further study could be made because Stafford Road remains much as it was.

    I would tentatively suggest that some visual improvement could be made to the large boarded up site of the rejected (unfortunately in my view) McDonalds restaurant. I’m certain residents and trades people alike would be pleased if this potentially very long standing eyesore of wobbly, poster covered bare boarding could be masked, perhaps by hedges or an appropriate wall. In my opinion the “change” from the TFL grant would be very well spent if it reduced the derelict look of that particular stretch of Stafford Road.

    To my mind that site would make an admirable daytime car parking area and is close enough to Wallington Square to be a great benefit to it after the planned improvements.

    Comment by Steve Lewis | February 24, 2014 | Reply

    • Hi Steve
      The Stafford Road works are not yet complete. The 8 additional parking bays are being implemented this weekend, and the increased parking times from 30 minutes to one hour should be operational from next week. The works also included decluttering, repainting of faded road markings, improved street signs, trimming back overhanging hedges and trees, new bins, and footway repairs and cleaning. In total the works will use up all of the allocated funding and didn’t stretch to the other proposals around improving the crossings at Sainsbury’s or the junction with Sandy Lane South, which we will need to bid for further funds for if we wish to progress. The committee report on the results of the consultation and resulting amendments to the scheme can be found here: http://sutton.moderngov.co.uk/documents/s29135/Beddington%20Wallington%20-%20Stafford%20Road%20Wallington.pdf.
      Thanks to the feedback from businesses and residents we also got the festive lighting for the Christmas period, which will return annually, and hopefully next Christmas we will have a proper Switch-on in Wallington.

      Comment by jaynemccoy | February 27, 2014 | Reply

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