Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Congratulations to Sadiq Khan

Whilst of course my first preference for London Mayor would be Caroline Pigeon, I can offer a warm welcome to the new incumbent, Sadiq Khan. I can do that because Sadiq’s achievement is an embodiment of Liberal Democrat principles, which is that you should have an equal opportunity to succeed irrespective of your background, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, nor should you be enslaved by poverty. He has also worked as a human rights lawyer, and the Liberal Democrats have always been strong upholders of the principle of basic human rights for everyone. I therefore have confidence that Sadiq will be working hard in City Hall for all Londoners.

The only slight downside is that he is one of the candidates who didn’t make a firm commitment to bringing the tram to Sutton. However I can allow him that on the understanding that it would be presumptuous to make spending promises before he has had the opportunity to scrutinise TfL’s budgets and existing commitments as well as our economic case. Caroline of course has the benefit of eight years on the Assembly and a detailed briefing from us.

But most promising of all is Sadiq’s pledge to deliver the affordable housing that London so desperately needs. This is a pledge that Sutton fully supports and we look forward to working with the new mayor to help make that happen, so that young Londoners, overcrowded Londoners, low income and average income Londoners, elderly Londoners and disabled Londoners no longer feel priced out of the capital but are all able to find homes and communities within our wonderful and diverse city.


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