Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Plans submitted for Wallington Public Hall site

Stafford Road view


The old public hall was closed in 2015 as the income the hall could generate fell well short of the maintenance and restoration costs required to bring the building up to a modern and safe standard.

Rather than selling the site to a private developer the council is using its new Housing Development Company, Sutton Living Ltd, to build new homes for local people on the site. The plans propose using the hall site and half of the associated car park to deliver 31 flats of mixed sizes in two blocks of three and four storeys with a commercial retail unit fronting Stafford Road.


East elevation

The development will maximise the amount of affordable units, and under the terms of the council’s company all the residential units are required to be marketed to Sutton residents first, with special discretion for care-givers moving in to look after a Sutton resident, or ex-forces personnel. The layout also preserves the access to garages of properties in Onslow Gardens.

You can comment on the plans via the council’s website under reference D2018/78694 up to 20th March 2018

Of the many planning documents listed the best one for an overall picture is the Design and Access Statement.

UPDATE: Permission was granted at the Planning Committee meeting on 21st March 2018. 


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  1. We now have no theatres for arts based use in the Sutton area all unfortunately closed. I feel that is a loss to our community and so do many other people in the area who I have spoken to.wallington public hall has a historical significance in the area regarding the past as a venue for musical bands etc. If the hall was not allowed to get into a bad state of disrepair and needed so much money spent on it. Maybe more people would have gone there like they did in the past. I am fedup with hearing from councils etc that these buildings are no longer viable. What will our now closed cryer and secombe theatres will they have the same fate as Wallington public hall. Pulled down to make way for more housing. We will just have to wait and see

    Comment by carole heath | February 22, 2018 | Reply

    • Good comment Carole heath. I completely agree. I used to go Wallington public hall myself in the 1960’s to see bands. As for the cryer and secombe I don’t think they will open again as theatres. I heard it might be just hearsay and supposition that the local council is not going to put any finances into the running of the theatres sad 😢 I think as many people enjoy enjoy arts based activities.

      Comment by rosanne louisa forbes | February 22, 2018 | Reply

      • The decision to no longer subsidise the theatres was taken a little while ago. Unfortunately with the Government’s drastic cuts to council budgets year after year difficult decisions are having to be made. Do we cut funding to meals on wheels or the theatres, close another children’s centre or a library? Make people pay more for the Carers coming into their homes to help them get washed and dressed, or reduce funding to support children with special educational needs? None of these are easy decisions, or ones the council wants to make, but it cannot spend money it does not have.
        Unfortunately we have found that there is no organisation willing/able to manage these facilities as theatres without council subsidy.

        Comment by jaynemccoy | February 22, 2018

  2. Thanks Jayne I do understand the local councils dilemma. Tory government cutbacks do and have an impact on local council spending. But I till feel regret that our local theatres have closed.

    Comment by carole heath | February 27, 2018 | Reply

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