Diary of a Sutton Councillor

A Liberal Democrat approach to Planning

I am shamelessly plugging a publication produced by Wera Hobhouse MP and Councillor Adele Morris the Lib Dem Lead for Planning at the LGA that compiles articles by a variety of Lib Dem colleagues on the subject of town planning.

It includes an article written by me about how we developed our  Local Plan to incorporate the views and aspirations of our residents.

Getting the Balance Right 




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  1. Re Tory failures .Question time last night had Mogg talking about £40 billion NOTpaying the mone out and keeping it in the uk. Where does he propose spending the money? On the NHS or some other public body or by reducing taxes by ,what,1p in the £?
    Anyway when that 40 billion is spent we are back to where we started, it has gone. A small boost, gone.Then what?
    Equally he commented on his companie assets in Ireland. Then he commented on his company has assets all over the World. Therefore he can move his/their assets wherever he gets the highest returns after the UK takes the hit from Brexit, He is ok, we are poorer.. His plans need to be pointed out ,we are not all millionaires.

    Comment by nigel hunter | September 28, 2018 | Reply

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