Diary of a Sutton Councillor

Conservative Government Fails

Every day I hear new examples of how this Conservative Government is getting it wrong. I feel the need for accountability of how its policies are making life harder for us all, so I am going to start keeping track:

September 2017

Britain faces debt timebomb, City regulator warns

Funding falls for young people’s mental health

79% of Government housing cash goes on private homes

Young people fear for futures in Brexit Britain, says study

Universal credit delays worsen

Snap general election cost over £140m

July 2017

‘No libraries or streetlights left by 2020 if austerity doesn’t stop’ the Conservative local government chief has warned.

One in three UK nursing homes failing safety checks

Grenfell insulation boss is a government adviser

June 2017

Young deeply pessimistic about social mobility, survey says

Number of illegal immigrants in Britain hits 250,000 a year

May 2017

Homeless teachers: ‘I wouldn’t talk about it, I was so ashamed

Number of GPs has fallen since NHS launched 5-year rescue plan

Government borrowing at three-year April high

Children with mental health illnesses sent miles from home for care

Bad jobs harm growth and make people miserable

Leaving EU could make it ‘impossible’ to tackle human trafficking, warn campaigners

April 2017

Families in Britain ‘facing £3,000 cuts to income

Conservative politician and former government adviser defects to Lib Dems over May’s Brexit strategy

Cuts decimating services, research finds

Sharp rise in rejected claims for disability benefit

Social care system ‘beginning to collapse’ as 900 carers quit every day

March 2017

Welfare cuts for children and the bereaved

Disabled people over two times more likely to be living in food poverty than able-bodied, report finds

Surge in homeless families rehoused out of London

Child poverty in UK at highest level since 2010, official figures show

Surge in child refugees trying to reach UK creates ‘terrifying new market’ for people traffickers

Girls ‘too poor’ to buy sanitary protection missing school

Sturgeon to seek second vote on independence for Scotland

Budget 2017: Solar industry facing devastating 800% tax increase

Vulnerable ‘priced out of market by rent rises

More cash needed for free childcare, nurseries warn

Leaked tape reveals Surrey’s council tax government ‘deal’

Dubs amendment: Child migrant challenge defeated by MPs

Head teachers take school funding anxieties to Twitter

Government abdicating responsibility for social care, say providers

Housing benefit cuts ‘put young people at risk of homelessness’

Councils spend £2m a day on temporary accommodation say town hall chiefs