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Wallington South Councillors’ June Update

Its June already and certainly feeling summery – in between the showers!  So time for an update from your Wallington South Ward Councillors:

Ward News

High Street Loading Bays

The bay outside the KFC has now been changed to goods vehicles loading only, and for the first time in ages we have seen the bay being used correctly.

We expect a few complaints when people get a parking ticket if they haven’t realised it has changed, but it should make the bay much safer all round.

Road safety schemes implemented

​We are pleased to see the implementation of a number of schemes residents requested through us. Yellow lines have gone in in Woodcote Road and Elgin Road, with new signs to deter HGVs from using residential roads at Boundary Road, Elgin Road and St Michaels Road.

The new build-out is now in place in Beddington Gardens to provide a safe crossing point across this road to Shotfield.

Where next?

Double yellow lines have been requested for the junctions of Clyde Road with Carew Road and Ross Road. Speed surveys are currently being undertaken in Clyde Road too as part of the evidence gathering following a petition submitted by residents concerned about speeding and rat-running in this road.

Following a petition from residents in Tharp Road (actually Beddington North ward) it is proposed to trial a one-way system for a year in this road. There is to be a further meeting with councillors and residents before this goes ahead.

​We have had concerns raised about the safety of the mini-roundabout at the junction of Hillside Gardens and Sandy Lane South which we have raised with the council and officers will be looking at this and seeing what might be done to improve the situation here.

Residents have also pointed out that there needs to be a safe crossing point across Demesne Road near the Carew Road junction, especially as this area is widely used by primary school children.

It has also been pointed out that the Park Hill Road junction with Stanley Park Road is extremely difficult to get out of.

Please let us know your views which will help us campaign for improvements to these junctions.

A number of lines and road markings have been refreshed. If you notice lines that have become very faded please let us know and we can get them refreshed too.

Wallington Music Festival Saturday 17th June!

Our free music festival, brought to you by dedicated local residents and businesses, is back for its third year on Saturday 17th June. It will be opened at noon by the Deputy Mayor in the Wallington Library Gardens with a fabulous line up in the bandstand and gardens through to 4pm. There will be stalls selling a variety of delicious food alongside the Library Café. Then the Brook, the Wallington Arms, Byrnes Eel & Pie House, Sizzle & Shake, Hotrocks, The Woodcote Flying Club and The Duke’s Head will all be hosting live music acts from early evening until late.

The event has been kindly sponsored by The Real Coffee Company Wallington and Carpenter And Co, in association with Arts Network Sutton. The Gary Mason Charity and also funded by a Neighbourhood Grant from the council.


The transition to a new collection system delivered by an external contractor – Veolia, has proved difficult and frustrating. We are still a long way off from them delivering a service to match the efficiency of the previous in-house delivery. We have been given lots of reasons and excuses from IT failures to lorry breakdowns to unexpected recycling volumes. However, in the end we just want our bins emptied on time, and in the right lorry after we have gone to the trouble of sorting it.

Your ward councillors have met with Veolia reps and are escalating matters where we can, although we haven’t always been happy with the responses.

We are starting to see improvements, but there are a number of areas in our ward where the problems are persistent and the resolution of them feels frustratingly slow.

These are the places where we know there are continuing problems that we are keeping an eye on:

Waleton Acres, Tansley Court, Sycamore Manor, Birdhurst Court, Jefton Court, Ellerslie Court, Beech House, Coriander Court, Mulberry Mews, various flats above shops, Hannah Mews, Brambledown Road flats, Derwent Walk, Woodbourne Gardens, Burns Court, Hinton Road, Charlotte Road & Francis Road.

If you are having persistent problems with your waste collection and it isn’t listed here then please let us know so we can try and help get it sorted.

The general advice is that if your expected collection isn’t taken on the due day, leave it out and it should automatically be collected the next day. Only if it is not collected by 8.30pm on the second day should you report it as a missed collection. However if yours is the only uncollected bin, report it after 8.30pm on the due day. We recommend using the online tool rather than telephoning, as the council’s contact service is often busy and they will only be logging your problems using the same online tool. We are happy to report it for you if you can’t get the online tool to work.

The green garden waste bins are being delivered but there is a backlog. You are only charged once you have the bin and collections started.

Similarly if you have ordered additional recycling boxes or wheelie bins these are being delivered, but again there is a backlog. If you placed your order at the beginning of the service change we would recommend you reorder as we are not confident that all these orders have been logged.

Veolia are also responsible for collecting the waste from the street bins and the green sacks from the street cleaning. Again you can report overflowing bins using the online tool.

One bit of good news is that the level of recycling has increased enormously because you have all been prepared to do your bit so diligently. So well done you all at lightening the load on our planet. I know that as a result of greater awareness of the waste we produce a number of residents have told us they are trying to seek out items with less packaging and be more careful about using up leftover food.

Open Day Alert

Wallington Girls School have given advance warning of their Open Evening on 28th June from 4 – 8pm which usually sees an increase in traffic and parking pressure in the vicinity of the school. Woodcote Nursery has agreed to let parents use their car park on the day to help alleviate the problems.

Planning News

Julien House in Ross Road is recommended for approval by officers so it will be decided by councillors at the Planning Committee on 20thJune from 7.30pm at Sutton Civic Offices. Jayne & Steve will be supporting residents in their objections to this application. Do come along if you want to show the strength of objection to this application.


The short sharp but torrential downpours like the one experienced recently are likely to result in localised surface flooding as the drainage system is simply unable to cope with high volumes of water in one go. However they should drain away quickly. Any flooding that takes a long time to drain away should be reported so it can be checked to see if there is an underlying problem.

We are aware of persistent flood problems in Demesne Road and Beddington Gardens. The council is undertaking work to map areas across the borough that regularly suffer from flooding so they can source funding for mitigating measures. A survey is now online so please do complete it if your area suffers from flooding.

Steve’s term as Deputy Mayor ends

Steve spent a fair amount of time in the last twelve months representing the borough as deputy mayor. He has met with some amazing groups and organisations and had the opportunity to take part is some interesting events. I know he feels privileged to have had the opportunity to represent both Sutton and Wallington in this role, and we think he has done us proud.

Borough News

Sutton in Bloom

There is still time to enter your garden for the Sutton in Bloom competition. Closing date is Friday 16th June. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a winner from Wallington!

Trading Standards

Flyers are currently in circulation for work such as roofing and driveways, some claiming to be on the Checkatrade scheme when they are not. Advice is to be extremely cautious about responding to leaflet drops for such work and instead recommend using the Safer Sutton Trader Scheme.

Carers Week

12th-16th June is National Carers Week where we recognise the informal support many of us provide to family, friends and neighbours. This saves the NHS and social services many thousands of pounds, but can prove very stressful for the carer. Sutton Carers Centre has a number of events to both recognise and celebrate the work of these many carers, and also highlight the support that is out there for them. For more information visit the website.


Have a lovely summer, and good luck to all those currently sitting exams.

Jayne McCoy, Steve Cook & Muhammad Sadiq

Liberal Democrat Councillors for Wallington South

London Borough of Sutton


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Wallington flash flooding


The flooding under the railway bridge in Manor Road, Wallington has made the national news with pictures of the submerged cars and the dramatic rescue thanks to a quick thinking local man.

The reason the road dips so dramatically here is that it was lowered many years ago to allow double decker buses under the bridge. However this dip means that in severe weather all the local runoff gets directed into the dip and there were a number of occasions when significant rainfall resulted in floods under the bridge.

A major part of the 2011 improvement works involved addressing the flooding issues under the railway bridge. This involved installing four new soakaways* in Beddington Gardens, Ross Parade and Woodcote Road and improving the existing one under the bridge.

These five soakaways appeared to have addressed the problem, until Tuesday’s rainstorm.

We know that exceptional amounts of rainfall does lead to some drains being unable to cope with the volume leading to what is known as flash flooding. Apparently the rainfall this time was so torrential that elsewhere the sheer force of water gushing through the drains pushed the drain covers off, including in Stafford Road.

Sutton Council does undertake a program of gully & drain clearing – look out for a small lorry with a tube going into the drains, but I don’t know when the soakaways were last checked. As your ward councillors we will of course be finding out whether there were any issues with cleaning that may have contributed to the situation.

Update 10th June – feedback from council on gully cleaning:

Roads noted as high flood risk have a gully cleanse quarterly. The most recent gully cleanse of Manor Road from Wallington Green to the traffic lights at Sainsbury’s was on 14th April 2016.  It is on the high flood risk list so is cleaned quarterly and would be due again in July.  No issues were noted on last clean. All the other roads in the town centre were done in mid May around the 18th including Ross Road, Ross Parade, Elgin Road to the east of the town Centre and Shotfield, Parks Hill Ave and Beddington Gardens to the west.  These roads all feed down to the sewer under the bridge.

The crew use a gully tanker to suck all the silt and debris out of the gully pot, clear debris from the grill and then flush the system.  They check the gully pot is clean and working efficiently.  If they detect a blockage, they use a jet to try to remove the obstruction and get the gully and connecting drain that links it to the Thames Water main sewer running again.
If they are unable to get the system working, they note this on their report sheet.  Defects are then reported to the Highways Service so they can instruct their contractor to investigate further and make a repair.
 Update 23rd June – further work on Ross Road area drains to be undertaken
Thanks to an impromptu survey mid-rainstorm by a public spirited resident we have learnt from the council that at the last gully cleansing there were problems accessing some of the drains and gullies due to parked cars. This means that they cannot be certain that all the gullies in the Ross Road area are completely clear of blockages, and certainly the information supplied by the resident and checked on myself would suggest that there are some issues that need to be addressed and liaison with Thames Water as necessary.
To address this the council will seek to suspend parking for a day in relevant areas so that they can have a good look at the missed gullies and clean them out as necessary.
We appreciate that any suspension of parking is very inconvenient, particularly in Ross Road and surrounding streets, but it is the only way that the drain cleansing can be addressed, so when you see the parking suspension notices go up, please obey them. If people park and prevent access to the drains then it means that the crews have to keep coming back which means more days with parking suspended.

*According to Susdrain Soakaways are square or circular excavations either filled with rubble or lined with brickwork, pre-cast concrete or polyethylene rings/perforated storage structures surrounded by granular backfill. They can be grouped and linked together to drain large areas including highways. The supporting structure and backfill can be substituted by modular or geocellular units.

Soakaways are a sustainable way to provide stormwater attenuation, stormwater treatment and groundwater recharge, are installed underground and are not visible.

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